Stressed Assets Restructuring And Turnaround Excellence

with Andrew McRobert

June 17-18, 2019 | Mumbai


A hands-on 2-day workshop on recognizing emerging problem transactions and implementing a process for effectively managing and maximizing recoveries, with reference to the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

Benefits of Attending

Why You Should Attend?

  • Be able to implement the necessary monitoring processes to enable early identification of possible default
  • Know how to take control of identified problem loans & equities before or after default
  • Have the understanding to devise the appropriate blend of strategies for each non-performing loan

Who Should Attend?

  • Head of restructuring, recovery and stressed loans
  • Head of special asset/ workout groups
  • Legal counsel specializing in insolvency, restructurings and/or distressed debt
  • Investors in distressed debt and NPLs (e.g. hedge funds, private equity funds, etc)


Session 1: Understanding why companies fail – if the cause(s) can’t be identified, the solution cannot be identified either
Session 2: The new Bankruptcy & Insolvency Code Presented by lawyers
  • Basic principles of the new Code
  • How does it change things for Indian bankers?
  • How does it change things for corporate and commercial borrowers in India?
  • How does it change things for guarantors, sponsors, directors and other exposed parties in India?
Session 3: Warning signals of potential failure:
  • Financial signals
  • Non-financial signals 
Session 4: Identifying the appropriate strategy
  • Due diligence, investigating accountants’ reports, expert advice, etc
  • Legal briefing on the impact of the new Code on determining and implementing the alternative strategies  Presented by lawyers
  • Issues arising from the globalized financial market, the global financial crisis, the spread of derivative products
  • Meaningful dialogue with stakeholders:
    - Other lenders & different levels of priority
    - Actual & contingent creditors
    - Minority shareholders, the controlling family & others
    - Government agencies
    - Franchisees & others
  • Environmental risk
Session 5: How a bank should handle problem loans
  • Reliable, accurate, meaningful & relevant forecasts
  • Selecting the appropriate strategy
  • Dealing with the borrower’s immediate needs
  • Implementing a bank-relevant reporting system within the borrower
  • Establishing & maintaining approvals within the bank
  • Shadow directorships
  • Lender liability
Session 1: Restructuring
  • Identifying the sustainable business
  • Devising the appropriate structure through understanding the respective strengths & weaknesses of the various parties
  • Contributions towards the restructuring
  • Dealing with non-core businesses
  • Dealing with non-core assets
  • Dealing with intangible & incomplete assets
Session 2: Alternative approaches when negotiations fail
  • Litigation
  • Aggressive collection
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Review of director conduct & preferential payments
  • Does the new Code facilitate alternative approaches, and how does it impact on timing?

Faculty Profile

Andrew McRobert is a commercial banker specializing in restructuring, insolvency and with nearly 32 years’ experience in credit, portfolio risk management, lending, and problem loans management. 


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